Introducing Sweet Mama Boudini

Greetings, Great Ones!
If you know anything about me, then you know that I love spirituality, health and wellness. I love truth and seeking it. If this is new to you, well, you have caught me at a grand time as I am diving much deeper into the walk that I have been assigned to. To me, these things are all an act of and the art of self-care. The older I become, the more passionate I feel about this act and art. This art, to me, is a way of life. Of course you, my dear, are essential to this act since we are all connected. This act requires that we all act in our highest potential, driven by purpose and as our most authentic self.

With that being said, I introduce to you my latest art and passion project: Sweet Mama Boudini. It is my lifestyle that I am sharing with you. The sweetness of a woman, the nurturing spirit of a mother and the magic that is the divine feminine. Whether you identify as female, male, non-binary and/or anything in between or outside of, I am sure that you shall dig this one. I, for one, identify as spirit, creator and mystic - anything that empowers me beyond the very limited labels placed on me by society. Still, I must ritualize my indigenous roots and praise those who have come before me and have taught us the natural ways of life and the importance of being one with Mother Earth and the divine. For me, I am the first as far as I know to dive this deep. What I feel is innate and have been suppressed for so long in fear of what others may think, most specifically those close to me. I am sure that I have inherited the DNA of ancestors, somewhere down the line, who have paved this way before me. And, a special thank you to those influencers and those in my natural life who have inspired me to connect to myself beyond and much deeper than the superficial and what one may expect otherwise. Up until now, I have been in the shallow waters. It is time to go deep.
There are many things that you can expect to see from Sweet Mama Boudini as my team and I curate and offer to experiences and incredible tools to aid in your journey here on earth. It is absolutely pertinent that we have a spiritual basis and that we dive deeper into our spirituality. Most importantly, in order to thrive in this space, we must also care with great details to our mental and physical health. We must care for our minds and for our temples. This is what allows us to thrive here on earth. Make this your priority, revisit this priority and/or continue with the great work that you are doing. We salute and are here to support you!!!

Starting today until October 22nd, we are taking pre-orders for the first product on our site, seamoss gel, to help you care for the one thing that I know you all are finding a new found passion about: yourself. So many more varieties to come but, as for now though, we'll keep it simple with our classic Irish seamoss gel straight from the waters of the island of St. Lucia. Seamoss contains 92 of the 102 nutrients that your body needs to thrive. With consistent intake, it does your body right, keeps your immune system strong and offers a host of other great benefits! It can be added into your smoothie, drinks, food or (recommended) taken straight up from the spoon. Preventative measures is the best care and seamoss is definitely a great preventative when taken consistently and over time.

You are the most important and valuable person in your life. Take care of your temple with pride and high priority. Place your pre-order of seamoss gel today. 

Lots of peace and love.


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